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Grace Bevelheimer




Artist Statement:

Collages are important for me to make for myself on a personal level. They are the product of an incredibly therapeutic process in which I am able to explore my own experiences of mania, happiness, love, lust, and aloneness. With the images that I find and reconstruct, I create situations and environments onto which I can project my past and my present existence. Within each collage, specific imagery provides a more profound meaning for the viewer to consider. The situations and scenarios depicted are meant to provide a unique experience for both me and the viewer. The medium of collage allows me to construct a seemingly limitless amount of compositions while exploring important aspects of the human condition, which is vital to me as an artist.

Service Specials

spray tans

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tone it down

We invite you to take things down a notch this October. Take $10 off a single process or dimensional color to add depth, warmth or vibrancy to your hair as we switch seasons.

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flash promos

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