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Serena Niesley




Nocturne features a new body of work by artist Serena Niesley, primarily made up of gouache and ink paintings. The paintings in this show are inspired by the night: in particular, the beauty of the night in early spring, when the days are warming but the evenings are still cool; when the mystical and irrepressible movement of spring lingers in the air. This time of year is full of promising contrasts: fresh growth from the dark ground, new sprouts on barren branches, bright white magnolia blooms against a dark night sky. In general, Serena's work, which ranges across media but is primarily based in gouache, ties a line between beauty, spirituality, and connections of nature and community. The images she creates are folk-inspired and deeply rooted in place. She practices contemplation and reflection on the spiritual aspects of nature: both as a source of beauty and mystery, but also as a teacher and guide of how to live and act towards each other. Her work engages in simple and metaphorical imagery, often nature-based, to explore psychological, emotional, and spiritual experiences. 




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